Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am excited, anxious, and nervous to go abroad. I'm very calm, but there is this thought that overwhelms me. I'm overwhelmed by how hard it may be to raise up the rest of the money that I need. Fortunately there is a donation widget that people can donate, and will be greatly appreciated by my family and I. Also I am going to be having a raffle in order to fundraise for the tuition. I know that when I go to study abroad, it will be a completely different environment. I know it's going to be very different for me, but that difference I want to be able to understand. I know they might have their preconceived thoughts about Americans, but I will try my best to break any barriers that will hold me back from understanding their culture and them understanding mine. Also another challenge for me and also for my family and friends is that I will be very far away. I am trying to prepare myself, my family, and friends that I won't be here for a year. My family supports my decision on going abroad, but my friends are hesitant and slowly they'll get over it. It's sad, but then again it's SOOO exciting !!!!! I hope to learn from myself without my usual environment. I hope that I can represent minorities and Americans in a positive way that can break barriers and inspire other intelligent teens to go abroad creating peace and being an ambassador of this country.